Find a starting point is a collaborative project by the artists Amy Edwards and Rory Duckhouse. This website will act as a hub for the research findings.

To find out the aims of the project, please see the Manifesto for Collaboration.


Amy and Rory are an artist couple living and working in Cardiff. Both have separate practices that meet at ideas of information and exploring our relationship with the world. Their multifarious practices incorporate image, text, video, installation, performance, virtual reality and sound.

Rory’s arts practice incorporates participation to look at ideas of information, power and control and how we are led.

Amy work looks at virtual reality architecture, our relationship with the virtual world and how we navigate the Internet. Her work incorporates performance, virtual reality, sound and video.

Their collaborative practice uses tropes from popular culture to appropriate modern life and examine notions of fact and fiction in an internet dominated society.


This project has been funded by The Arts Council of Wales.

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